Established in 1985

  • Intellectual Property- Our skilled team of Intellectual Property lawyers are also ready to provide a wide range of IP services to both corporate and individual clients who are desirous of protecting the products of their intellect or any of their novel inventions within Nigeria and in select jurisdictions outside of Nigeria. Our IP department is equipped to help develop the brand of business owners and protect such brands from unauthorized use. We offer more several more services which include but are not limited to;

- Intellectual Property Audit,

-IP watch services,

-Registrations of Industrial Property and Oppositions against similar or dishonest use of client’s rights.

-Branding and franchising advisory services.

  • Property Law- Our skilled team of expert lawyers offer comprehensive real estate services to meet the varying needs of our clients. Ranging from commercial real estate to residential properties, sale, mortgage and lease transactions, we represent private and institutional investors, property owners, developers, and financiers.
  • Immigration Matters– Compos Mentis is adept at application for, revalidation of, re-designation, extension and relinquishment of expatriate quotas and other regnant immigration matters for corporate clients.
  • Information and Communications Technology- Compos Mentis keeps abreast of the evolving regulatory changes within this industry, positioning itself as a preferred legal adviser for internationally recognized telecommunications companies. We provide telecommunications operators with legal advice tailored to the commercial needs on their operations in Nigeria.