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unizik moot

Reports from the Unizik Moot Competition by CMLP

June 21, 2021

The Compos Mentis Legal Practitioners is not just reputed for sterling legal services, but poised to ensuring that humanity is served. We believe in the future of the society at large, and we trust that the best way to guarantee that is to invest in the younger generation. In that spirit, we sponsored a Moot Competition in Unizik, and yours truly was there, with Nkobowo Frederick Nkobowo , to represent the Firm. Note that this was the first sponsorship of it’s peculiar kind in the entirety of South East and South South, and perhaps, in the entirety of Nigeria. Proceedings were heard and conducted by the Hon. Justice A. O. Nwabunike of High Court 5, Awka Judicial Division. Prizes were given to winners, and sourvenirs to every breathing human present. It was a big day. God bless Compos Mentis Legal Practitioners.

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Webinar on Intellectual Property rights and protection

May 17, 2021

The Webinar will focus on the Intellectual Property rights and protection for Business Owners…

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The Inaugural CMLP-UNIZIK Moot Competition

April 22, 2021

Compos Mentis Legal Practitioners in collaboration with Nnamdi Azikiwe University’s Faculty of Law

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Media Watch – AriseNews Covers Warricentric 2.0

February 15, 2021

Warricentric’ is becoming global as the international media house, AriseTV…

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Warricentric 2.0 5km Run

February 5, 2021

Ready, Set, Win. Cash prizes to be won. It’s another warricentric 5km run powered by Compos Mentis. Please see the flier for more details

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