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March 11, 2021


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Lawyers’ vox populi on the 58th annual general conference of the NBA

August 28, 2018

Our association should be concerned with members welfare, rule of law’SHUAIB ALARAN I think a lot of people have been debarred the opportunity of attending the conference. It looks to me that certain cabals, who actually want to restrict the attendance of the conference to only the moneybags, have hijacked our noble association. It will interest you to know that the registration fee for members who are just between 1 to 5 years is N80, 000, which is the least. Members who are 20 years and above are to pay N300, 000, while the SANs will pay N500, 000, apart from the practicing fees and the branch dues already paid by these members. To me, this is purely exploitative, to say the least. The executive members of the association did not take into cognizance, the economic realities in Nigeria before fixing these exorbitant fees. We should also bear in mind that lawyers’ incomes are very irregular. In all of these, my dream NBA is that which will be concerned at all times with the welfare of its members; an association that will ensure that there is absolute compliance with the rule of law. A body, which will be the mouthpiece of the downtrodden in the fight against corruption! What I observed is that almost everybody is contesting for one position or the other in the NBA for his or her selfish interest, to make money for themselves in particular, among other benefits. ‘NBA requires total makeover’ OYENIJI OLUYINKA If I have any expectation, it is that other lawyers, especially the young ones should set up an alternative association like many organs of governance in this country. The association has had its cradle steadily desecrated. The only rationale for being a member and being called one is to pay Practice Fee. Those have been astronomical by your years of supposed practice at the bar. So we pay, not because we believe the funds are judiciously utilized but because we would want to practice. The entire processes of the last elections were a ruse. If the banking sector has produced BVN, why can’t all lawyers be automatically recognised and businesses of the NBA conducted online? The NBA has been unable to maintain any justifiable fight nor championed one to a logical conclusion. We cannot even fight for the bench nor improved judicial processes. The NBA definitely requires a total makeover, now, more than ever before! ‘The Bar should re-engineer itself’ LAYI BABATUNDE (SAN) We look forward to a period of happy reunion, in spite of the challenges our country is going through at the moment. Moving forward, one hopes, that the Bar will re-engineer itself ready and able to play our role as a vibrant and dependable bull work in the defence of the rule of law, democracy and democratic norms, especially now, that major elections are around the corner. I believe this can be done while ensuring the sustainability and growth of our profession, both as a business and social service! ‘We need vibrant NBA’ BAMIDELE OGUNDELE There is no alternative to rule of law, except anarchy. The rule of law must be obeyed. […]

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