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March 4, 2022

COMPOS MENTIS LEGAL PRACTITIONERS presents the DAFE AKPEDEYE, SAN ESSAY COMPETITION for Law Students across all Nigerian Universities.
The Competition opens on the 4th day of March 2022 and closes on the 11th day of April 2022 by 11:59pm . Winners will be announced on the 16th day of May 2021.
Applicants are to register their entry by filling the form on the website of the firm.

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  1. Reply
    comment John says

    Hello Admin. The announcement of winners for this year’s Dafe Akpedaye competition was slated for May 16th, 2022. That was yesterday. I think I and a host of other applicants were on our nerves through out yesterday. In fact, I reloaded your blog page a 100 times😂. When will this highly awaited announcement be made now since no news on the competition was published yesterday? In all we appreciate your efforts and this opportunity. Best Regards.

  2. Reply
    comment Oyelade Bukunmi says

    How do I know my essay have been received

  3. Reply
    comment Joy says

    I couldn’t submit due to technical issues earlier it kept showing ajax error

  4. Reply
    comment Joy says

    Having difficulty trying to submit my work

  5. Reply
    comment Ugonna says

    Good evening,

    Please how do I know if my essay has been submitted successfully. Would I receive a confimatory email?

    • Reply
      comment Chineme says

      Very important. Please do we get a confirmation email? I’m really bothered.

      • Reply
        comment administrator says

        No confirmation emails. Winners will be contacted.

        • Reply
          comment Chineme says

          Thank you so much for the clarification.

  6. Reply
    comment Oluwarotimi says

    Good day, please I’ve been having issues registering my entry on the website, it keeps showing me “ajax error” after submitting.
    Please what could I be doing wrong?

  7. Reply
    comment Chidera says

    Good day, pls my work is 1991 words but when I included my foot notes, it passed 2000words and I don’t know if the requirement of not more than 2000 words includes footnotes.

    • Reply
      comment administrator says

      It should exclude footnotes since it wasn’t specified in the requirement. Thanks

  8. Reply
    comment Jirgi Lura Pitiko says

    Greetings!! Please I saw a circular with a theme (Drake’s …. Intellectual Property…) different from the one here on the website and I have began research and work on the theme hear on the website I just seek to know if I am on course please. Or is there a different theme?

  9. Reply
    comment administrator says

    Hi Nife.

    Doesn’t include references and biblography.

    Use any citation format


  10. Reply
    comment Nife says

    Greetings. Upon going through the rules of the essay, I would like to confirm first, whether or not the word count includes references and bibliography. Secondly, what citation format we were to employ. Thank you in advance.

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